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[playlist tracks= "http://djgloriajones.com/mp3/09212018/T.O. (Toronto).mp3, http://djgloriajones.com/mp3/09212018/2pac-Tupac All Eyez On Me.mp3, http://djgloriajones.com/mp3/09212018/Gregory Porter - Holding On ft Kem.mp3, http://djgloriajones.com/mp3/09212018/Here to Stay.mp3, http://djgloriajones.com/mp3/09212018/Kano I'm Ready.mp3, http://djgloriajones.com/mp3/09212018/Teddy Pendergrass - Come go with me.mp3, http://djgloriajones.com/mp3/09212018/Ronny Jordan - After Hours (The Antidote).mp3, http://djgloriajones.com/mp3/09212018/Funkadelic - Knee Deep.mp3, http://djgloriajones.com/mp3/09212018/Got To Give It Up.mp3" images="http://djgloriajones.com/mp3/09212018/T.O. (Toronto).jpg, http://djgloriajones.com/mp3/09212018/tmp_cover_2pac-Tupac All Eyez On Me_430D1586.jpg, http://djgloriajones.com/mp3/09212018/Holding On.jpg, http://djgloriajones.com/mp3/09212018/Here to Stay.jpg, http://djgloriajones.com/mp3/09212018/Kano I'm Ready.jpg, http://djgloriajones.com/mp3/09212018/Teddy Pendergrass - Come go with me.jpg, http://djgloriajones.com/mp3/09212018/Ronny Jordan - After Hours (The Antidote).jpg, http://djgloriajones.com/mp3/09212018/Funkadelic.jpg, http://djgloriajones.com/mp3/09212018/Got To Give It Up.jpg"]